Of New Things and Old

Brad Miner | April 6, 2022

The Catholic tradition is, by its very nature, a dynamic mix of things old and new. Without the old – things that even go back beyond all memory into the mists of time to the very beginning – we would not be anchored in what the Creator intended when He brought us into existence on this earth. Neither would we know how He then revealed Himself to us, in historical stages, as the times required. Those times, however, are also a crucial part of the tradition because the Bible shows us that God is always freshly at work in history, which means that He remains and guides us in every time and place, whatever human changes may come to the fore.

Which is one reason why we’ve got many new things planned.

I am in Rome for several days at present and will be posting several times in the coming week to “The Vatican Thing,” a new initiative for us. As regular readers know, in the past we’ve covered conclaves and synods as they have occurred, with special sections of reporting in addition to the regular daily column, which will continue to appear each morning.

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