Pope Francis’ Truly Shocking Remark

Brad Miner | June 3, 2024
No, it wasn’t his comment to the Italian bishops about frociaggine (“faggotry”), homosexual cliques in seminaries, which the Vatican felt required a semi-apology. Nor the subsequent remark to young priests about gossip being “a women’s thing.” (Apology, probably, to come.)  Forget calling conservatives “suicidal” (and any apology). Not even the stark “No” he pronounced during his CBS interview with Norah O’Donnell when she asked whether women will ever be deacons or have some other ordained status in the Church.
The truly shocking thing he said was lost amid the usual “culture war” issues. It came, instead, when he gave the reason why he has not and cannot authorize the blessing of “irregular couples.” (CBS transcript, 27:32) Many Catholics and others aren’t so sure he hasn’t done so with Fiducia supplicans. Most African bishops rejected the document. The Orthodox made public statements about it harming ecumenical relations. But Francis said, and on network television to millions, that he can only bless individuals not those couples because, “The Lord made it that way.” (El Señor lo hizo así.)
He made this truly shocking remark quickly, in passing, almost under his breath. No one has much noticed. But the whole of Catholicism stands – or falls – with those six (original, cinco) words. Either what we believe and what we believe we are supposed to do correspond to what God, the Creator and Lord of the cosmos, ordained eternally, or we’re just following what the media think of as Church “policies,” which can be altered – as they are in secular politics – by pressure groups and leaders’ shifting opinions.
The liberal media weren’t prepared to hear that and, as a result, didn’t.  If they had, it might have raised an even more ferocious outcry than all the controversies of this papacy combined.

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