We Celebrate a Decade

Brad Miner | June 2, 2018

Well, we made it. Today marks exactly ten years of The Catholic Thing. There were days – especially early on, after the housing bubble burst (2008-9) with devastating economic consequences – when our survival looked to be very iffy indeed. Somehow we weathered all that (largely thanks to our writers, who were willing to work pro bono until I could find modest compensation for their work). Now, with 35,000 daily subscribers  – many of you also quite generous supporters – and millions of page-views yearly, we begin our second decade in good fiscal, intellectual, and even – I think – spiritual shape. Thank you all.

As I look back, I’m struck by how many deep changes occurred over the past ten years. Our country and our Church  – much as we love and hope to mend them both – are in greater turmoil than at any time since the years immediately after Vatican II. Both seem besieged by a post-Christian culture that talks about tolerance and inclusion, but practices a sharp intolerance and exclusion of views not ratified by our economic and academic elites.

Murray, Royal, & Arroyo: EWTN’s “Papal Posse”

Several people urged me to lay out a program today for combating all that over the next ten years. And I wrote one, but then decided we can do that any day. This is a day for celebration.

Brad Miner, ever a wise counselor, urged that we let the readers speak for once. We yack at you every day. But other than the few Comments posted, you probably have no idea of the kind of words we receive from your fellow readers.

So here, with names redacted to protect the innocent, a brief selection from some of the messages – eloquent, humorous, prayerful – that I’ve received from readers . . .

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