Are Catholic Colleges Catholic

Brad Miner | December 18, 2023

Where has the time gone?

In 1990, when I was Literary Editor of National Review, I suggested that we do a college guide. It had the obvious title with a less obvious subtitle, “America’s Top Liberal Arts Schools.” I recruited Charles J. Sykes to help with the project. He’d recently published a fascinating book, ProfScam: Professors and the Demise of Higher Education. We then recruited five conservative scholars, flew them to New York, and developed, with them, criteria for evaluating American colleges and universities. William F. Buckley Jr. wrote the Introduction.

I insisted that at the end of our endeavors, Charlie and I choose the school we’d want to attend were we 17 again. He considered the University of Chicago, University of the South, and St. John’s College (the 2-campus liberal arts school), opting for the last. I titled my squib, “Somewhere in Indiana,” and made the case for Wabash College and Notre Dame, opting for the Irish.

The second edition of the book came out exactly 40 years ago. My, how things have changed!

Of course, the term “politically correct” was very much in the air in the 1990s, so prophetic commentators might have seen our current (then future) madness coming, although even the most Isaiah-like seer couldn’t have imagined the extent to which higher education would become subordinated to indoctrination. Transgenderism? Really?

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