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For Robert Royal, it’s a Catholic thing

Author and teacher Robert Royal has a long career as a Catholic scholar and has taken to heart the message of St. John Paul’s encyclical. Read the entire article at the Arlington Catholic Herald.


Robert Royal and Fr. Gerald Murray on EWTN

Camus Between God and Nothing

Robert Royal reflects on the enduring significance of Albert Camus one hundred years after his birth.

I happened to be in Paris several years ago on the evening they were giving out the Césars, the French equivalent of the Oscars. Early the next morning, I turned on the television to see who had won. The first news story was not about film stars, but the posthumous publication of Albert Camus’s novel about the French settling of Algeria, The First Man. The French love to be in love with their intellectuals, but that news story, that early, on that morning, about a man already dead more than thirty years, says something about Camus. Read the rest at First Things.

Pope Francis: misunderstood

Robert Royal discusses the way the pope is taken him to be saying one thing when he has not been saying that sort of thing at all.

Robert Royal discusses Pope Francis on EWTN

The Interview begins at 34:27 . . . But do watch Cardinal Burke.

Robert Royal on Pope Francis: Person of the Year

Arroyo and Royal on Rio

Robert Royal on Evangelium Vitae

Robert Royal with Raymond Arroyo on the pope’s resignation