Faith without Hope

Brad Miner | November 2, 2020

Downtown Washington D.C., capital of the greatest nation on earth – arguably, the greatest in human history – is already boarded up, expecting what the media will doubtless call “mostly peaceful” demonstrations after tomorrow’s elections. In more than thirty years living here, I’ve never seen anything like it.

All that plywood is a strong sign that, whoever wins tomorrow – or, still worse, after days, weeks, or even months of wrangling – our immediate divisions and deeper problems will not be solved by politics.

If Biden wins, maybe there won’t be rioting. Despite media propaganda, we know it’s leftist groups that encourage looting and burning. Then again, rioters won’t be much bothered by the incoming administration. They may decide to take advantage of the situation. They don’t really care about “protest” or “reform.” They want regime change.

If Trump wins, more babies will survive in the womb, religious groups like the Little Sisters of the Poor will not be persecuted, and fewer institutions – including federal offices – will be forced to submit to wokeness. But many places in America will burn.

One Twitter commentator has published a list of Trump-supporting organizations with Washington addresses to be attacked if he’s re-elected. Several have mapped out targets in other cities. Almost needless to say, our digital masters at Twitter (or their algorithms) did not see fit to take down these open incitements to post-election violence.

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