Prophecy, Optimism, Hope 2022

Brad Miner | January 3, 2022

For reasons unknown to science and every other mode of knowledge, the human race has a weakness for prophecy. Both true and false. And especially at times like the beginning of a new year. It’s “only human” to wonder what the next year will bring, even though – as COVID time has demonstrated beyond all reasonable doubt – we have little ability to predict and even less to control the future. Except for very rare individuals – with names like Isaiah, Micaiah, Daniel – God seems to think it’s best that way.

But it’s always a safe bet to believe prophets who tell us that if we continue on as we are, disasters will follow.

It’s easy to see, for instance, that without massive renewal, Christians are headed for a status unlike anything since the fourth century: a despised group, “enemies of the human race” (Tacitus, even earlier), subject to various political and social penalties.

And our secular politics in most Western nations are locked in a suicidal drive towards woke utopianism that is already, as all revolutions do, eating its own.

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