‘Sound of Freedom’ with Jim Caviezel

Brad Miner | July 1, 2023

Had this been a poorly executed film, I’d have been tempted to praise it anyway because it’s about the criminal and sinful practice of kidnapping children and selling them as sex slaves. . . and because the estimable Jim Caviezel is the star. But it’s a good thriller featuring fine performances.

So here’s the story of director Alejandro Monteverde’s movie. (Mr. Monteverde is the director of the wonderful 2006 pro-life film, Bella.)

But first, the film features Mr. Caviezel, Mira Sorvino, José Zúñiga, Eduardo Verastegui, Gerardo Taracena, and Bill Camp (who gives the film’s best performance). It’s written by Mr. Monteverde and Rod Barr and produced by Mr. Verastegui.

Tim Ballard (Mr. Caviezel) leaves his position as a Special Agent with U.S. Homeland Security Investigations to become a freelance operative in order to rescue kidnapped kids from cartels, who, in turn, sell the children to human traffickers in Latin America, who, in turn, send them all over the world (including the United States) to be raped by pedophiles.

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