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Robert Royal on Evangelium Vitae

Robert Royal with Raymond Arroyo on the pope’s resignation

France’s Surprising Resistance to Gay Marriage


As many as a million French recently joined protests against the Socialist government’s decision to impose same-sex “marriage” on the nation. The simple math is astonishing. France’s population is a fifth of America’s, which means the demonstration may have been the equivalent of five million Americans demonstrating in Washington.

Read the article at First Things.

The Sin of Pride

Robert Royal gives a careful consideration of the Deadly Sins, most especially the deadliest: Pride.

Miner on “Lincoln”

Senior Fellow Brad Miner takes a look (and a second and a third) at Steven Spielberg’s new film Lincoln. Good as it is, there may be less to the film than meets the eye.

Music to Our Ears: A Review of the Pope’s New Book

Cardinal Ratzinger approached the ageing John Paul II and asked to be relieved of his curial duties – and to be named head of the Vatican Library. We know Papa Wojtyla said no. We don’t know if he had a good laugh over it. Surely he sensed that God had different plans for his dear friend and close aide.

But as Benedict XVI, a scholar-pope if ever there was one, Ratzinger has not forsaken his love of books and writing, and thus we have today the third volume of his examination and exegesis of Jesus of Nazareth, the general title of the series; this one subtitled, The Infancy Narratives.


Robert Royal with Raymond Arroyo on challenges facing the USCCB

Chastened Humanism

 Robert Royal reviews the latest book by French philosopher Luc Ferry, A Brief History of Thought: A Philosophical Guide to Livinga lucid and accessible little volume, he tries to offer “spirituality” for the reflective contemporary nonbeliever who has lost faith, usually because of some modern philosophical analysis or scientific discoveries.